Enlighten the stakeholders
on the forthcoming term

Pfizer AR+ /

A major pharmaceutical company in Belgium, true to its innovative nature, wanted to do something special in preparation of the 2019-2024 term of office. Instead of a simple position paper, they went for a 100% interactive approach combining a focus on local proof points, a tailormade augmented reality application and an exhibition-like event, where stakeholders could interact with both content and experts.

Project made in collaboration with Whyte Corporate Affairs

A spoken invitation.

When print meets 
digital technology.

This position paper for the 2019-2024 term of office has been published to enlighten policy makers on the topics of interests to strenghten the healthcare system.

Augmented Reality to engage stories that jump off the page.

The printed position paper has been enhanced by an overlay of technology. Some images revealed digital information through a smartphone or tablet. 



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keystakeholders present


decision makers reached

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